VIDEO. Mona and Geros enjoy success and open a new house

Leon, Guanajuato.- Mona and Geros little by little they build their dreams and in a live broadcast they shared images of their new home.

At the house’s ribbon cutting. Photo: Capture

As they were advised in the program of Franco Escamilla, the influencers they listened and invested in their first home.

The truth is with small mothers, the patio has grass, we are going to have a small table too, and we are going to put an area like a pool. It has its boiler, the keys,” Mona described, as she toured her new home.

During the tour, the couple decreed everything they would do in their new space: a television room, another for makeup, one more for their videos, and their little love nest.

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Mona and Geros in front of their new house. Photo: Capture

Also, the dogs will have their own space, just as Mona promised.

We already bought a little chair for the dogs for when they are in there.”

They showed every corner of the house. Photo: Capture

At the end of the tour, they stood at the main gate and thanked all their followers for making their dream come true.

May God help you, remember if you have a dream, always fight for it even if they tell you what it is, give it a try”, said Geros.

“Thank you very much, we made our dream come true, if you ask for it, you want it, you have to fight; I am very happy to show you this, because I wanted the house that I always wanted, ”he concluded.

Geros excited, showed every corner. Photo: Capture.

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