VIDEO “My darling…”: Axel flirted with by a Jordanian in Beijing Express, his grandfather laughs

Has Axel just met true love? The candidate of Beijing Express was grabbed by a young woman during a night at the owner’s. The latter did not fail to be mocked by his grandfather Jean-Claude as well as by Internet users on Twitter.

The new season of Beijing Express continues to provide moments of anthology for fans of the show. Between Étienne – a colorful character – or even Tarik and Ahmed – whose glibness exceeds the norm – there is also the young Axel and his seventy-year-old grandfather, Jean-Claude. After the seventh stage this Thursday, January 24, the endearing pair found a home to rest for the night. Axel goes around the village with the owner’s daughter calling him “Habibiwhich means “my love” in Arabic.

A long conversation follows between the two lovebirds who say sweet words to each other in English then in French like “Honey. A hilarious situation since the young man of 20 years does not seem to understand the allusions of his hostess. His grandpa did not fail to react. If he is put aside during their stroll in the garden, he takes advantage of the scene to happily tease his grandson

“He will end up doing Married at first sight”: Internet users do not miss Axel

If Axel is convinced that he was only entitled to a friendly relationship, Internet users, for their part, are not so convinced. Many of them reacted on Twitter following the scene, thinking that the native of Gers potentially found his match. “Oh no, I’m dead. Axel is going pecho tonight”“It smells for Axel tonight”, “That’s it, she found a husband“The girl has courage”, “I’m dead the girl wants to get married”“At the base, Axel was doing Beijing Express with his grandfather, he will end up doing Married at first sight“, “The girl called him habit‘, he didn’t catch anything. He will end up being married without knowing it” can we read among the comments. Axel, however, did not follow up on this relationship, preferring to continue the adventure alongside his grandfather. Beijing Express or love, he chose!