VIDEO National tribute to Michel Bouquet: this strong gesture by Emmanuel Macron towards Juliette Carré, the widow of the actor

Wednesday April 27, Emmanuel Macron chaired the national tribute to Michel Bouquet. The President of the Republic made a strong gesture to comfort the actor’s widow, Juliette Carré.

A sacred monster has left us“. This is how Emmanuel Macron concluded his message of tribute on social networks following the disappearance of Michael Bouquet, who died on April 13 at the age of 96. “For seven decades, Michel Bouquet has brought theater and cinema to the highest degree of incandescence and truth, showing man in all his contradictions, with an intensity that burned the boards and burst the screen“added the one who had not yet been re-elected to the presidency of the Republic.

It is therefore quite natural that the past election, the president wanted to pay tribute on behalf of the nation to the immense actor, honored in the courtyard of the Invalides Wednesday, April 27 in the presence of big names in cinema.

A solemn embrace

Muriel Robin, his protege, notably had to fight emotion and tears to complete his eulogy. Before that, Emmanuel Macron had walked the courtyard of the Invalides facing the Republican Guard, as he got used to. At the end of the Marseillaise, the President of the Republic immediately went to a person: Juliet Square. The companion of Michel Bouquet, with whom she shared so many scenes and replicas, saw the head of state come and hug her before holding a few words of comfort, smiling. “He hugged the widow of Michel Bouquet with whom he played so much, with whom he shared so much, they never separated“says the BFMTV journalist on the images.

Alongside his wife Brigitte Macron, he has long hand held of the 88-year-old actress, married for more than 50 years with Michel Bouquet, before speaking in front of the gathered crowd. “Dear Juliette, dear children and grandchildren of Michel Bouquethe will have burned the boards and punctured the screen for 70 years“launched the President of the Republic in particular, to begin his speech. Juliette Carré was at the center of Emmanuel Macron’s attention.