VIDEO “Not fair play”: Fanny rises against the alliances formed in Beijing Express

Thursday March 24, 2022, the adventurers of Beijing Express fought until the last minute to win as many events as possible. Unfortunately, one of them was synonymous with failure for the couple Fanny and Jérémy, who had a hard time digesting the behavior of their competitors…

Since several weeks, the frantic race of candidates from Beijing Express resumed on our television screens. And from the first broadcasts, viewers did not fail to display their favorites. Very quickly, Jean-Claude and Axel had the favor of the fans. So when Thursday, March 17, the Monegasque sisters had chosen to rub shoulders with this beloved pair in the final duel, Internet users had seen red. “Just imagine one day, a duo of guys are in a final duel and choose girls saying ‘I prefer guys to win’, it wouldn’t work at all, so the Monegasques who stupidly take it out, it’s so misplaced”, “That’s karma Sarah”, “Disappointed with the girls, I liked them basically. Now I just want them eliminated”, “I hope Axel will arrive first because frankly it’s abused there”, “If Axel and Jean-Claude leave because of the girls, I will get angry”could we read.

Fanny, a bit resentful

Just like in real life, affinities are created between the candidates of the program… And alliances are made. This is what Fanny, in particular, reproached in tandem with Jérémy. After a test, the “dream couple” was disadvantaged by his adversaries, Lucas and Nicolas, who came straight from Belgium to snatch victory at the end of this new season of Beijing Express.

Indeed, the latter preferred to save the two “joking cousins”Tarik and Ahmed, yet in bad shape, so that they too can try to benefit from immunity. “We are not going to fight, they are four against us”, retorted the adventurer leaving the post on which she was hung with her companion. An alliance and a way of doing things that were not to the taste of the young woman. “What we clearly lacked was an alliance. Because the game was not against us but it turned against us. And that I think is not very fair play, she said. Fanny, not happy.