VIDEO On the board: Valérie Pécresse drops a big word in front of the children

Sunday March 27, 2022, Valérie Pécresse complied with the exercise of the program Au tableau!. The Republican candidate answered the children’s questions. A mistake led her to blurt out a little vulgarity. Something to entertain the children.

All the candidates played the game. On the occasion of the 2022 presidential election, the teams of the show To the blackboard ! renewed the exercise by inviting the candidates to answer questions from several children. On a set organized like a classroom, candidates usually settle down like a teacher in front or behind the desk. But in realityit is the children who play the teachers and lead the dance. Thereby, Fabien Roussel, Valérie Pécresse, Éric Zemmour and Yannick Jadot were there Sunday March 27, 2022 on C8. An exercise that is not always easy for these candidates who are used to debates or large meetings in front of packed houses. As our colleagues from Tele-Leisurethe candidate of Europe Ecology – The Greens was destabilized by the children he had to face.

The reason ? “You, you eat tomatoes in any season!“, threw a student at him. “Yes, because I have a problem, I love tomatoes”, replied the candidate. “But suddenly, it’s not very green?“, retorted a child to him. “No, I agree… but I’m not perfect. I don’t ask anyone to be perfect. I pay attention. I try to eat organic tomatoes, I try to eat less meat, but I still eat it and I try, when I eat meat, to have meat that comes from farmers, that respects nature .“, justified the politician.

Valérie Pécresse lets go

During that same evening, Valérie Pécresse was invited to taste several cheeses. The candidate representing Les Républicains tried to identify them only by tasting them. A perilous exercise that ended in a small error. Indeed, of the three Bries, the politician managed to identify two of them. A “mistake” to which she reacted by launching: “Oh damn!”. The mother of the family immediately corrected her vulgarity with a “sorry“, rolling her eyes and covering her mouth with her hand. A reaction that greatly amused the children who could not help laughing. Ouch ouch ouch, I didn’t say a bad word, did I? Didn’t you hear anything? I couldn’t be a teacher… “, she launched to catch up.