VIDEO – Paul El Kharrat, famous winner of the 12 noon shots: he reveals what he did with his winnings

Thursday May 12, 2022, Paul El Kharrat returned, in a report by Don’t touch my XXL poston his adventure in the 12 strokes of noon (TF1). An interview during which the young man notably revealed what he did with his impressive kitty.

A midday master well known to the French. On October 10, 2019, Paul El Kharrat was present, for the very last time, on the set of 12 strokes of noon on TF1. For nearly 152 consecutive days, the young man – suffering from Asperger’s syndrome – had increased his kitty for a total amount of 691,522 euros. An impressive gain for a telecrochet candidate whom he mentioned, bluntly, Thursday, May 12, 2022 in Don’t touch my XXL post.

Indeed, without counting the many gifts that were given to him (cars, computers, household appliances, etc.), Paul El Kharrat pocketed a colossal gain. However, the latter has really invested his money well. “I put them in the bank, I don’t touch them“, he first revealed to the camera, before continuing on his small purchases: “I have a few small sums of money deposited in my account, and with which I buy train tickets and I buy books.” And to conclude, on the biggest purchase he has made lately: “The most exceptional thing I could do was buy myself a phone.

Paul El Kharrat: helped by the production?

During an interview given to Buzz TV (Figaro) last June, Paul El Kahrrat revealed that the production of 12 strokes of noon would have favored him in the program.”The production, I felt that she wanted me to win“, he had conceded to our colleagues, before explaining that certain questions that were put to him related to his favorite fields.

I felt that she wanted to give me my chance, that she wanted me to stay in the game, to make myself known. It’s very kind of her, but these nudges that we can give you, even if it means hurting the other candidates, it’s quite terrible“, then added the young candidate, before concluding: “But at the same time, on a personal and purely selfish basis, this is something that was desirable for me!

Photo credits: Screenshot / C8