Video Pepe Aguilar “scolds” Angela for her striking neckline, what an embarrassment

Pepe Aguilar I don’t know, he held back and on stage he gave his daughter Ángela Aguilar a “pull on the ears”, whom he had previously congratulated on her successful career, awarded and applauded by him, she is a very talented young lady within the Regional Mexican genre.

It has always been seen that Pepe Aguilar is a very correct character who has sought a way to educate his children, just as his parents Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre did, who were icons within ranchera music.

In a live presentation, the owner of the hit ‘Por mujeres como tu’ “scolded” Angela Aguilar by the neckline of her pink dress full of glitter, hence the girl blushed and put her hand to her chest and between laughs.

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It is well known that the Aguilar dynasty is one of the most besieged by the public of social networks, since they are always in contact with their followers, sharing the details of their music and in some situations of their personal life.

Video Pepe Aguilar “scolds” Ángela for her striking neckline. Photo: Instagram

Ángela Aguilar is one of the most beloved in the world of the Internet, she has always connected with her fans. In Instagram She has more than 8 million followers who support her talent, charisma and beauty, since everyone is attentive to what she publishes.

Undoubtedly, in that presentation, Pepe Aguilar’s statements stirred up the public and with laughter all the attendees enjoyed that embarrassing moment for the young singer of the owner of the hit ‘There where they see me’, who was saddened by her father’s comment.

It should be noted that in each of the presentations Pepe Aguilar and his children manage to grab the attention and become the favorites, since they are extremely successful thanks to their talent and way of interpreting.

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The empathy that they show with the public that is always available to listen to them, as they have placed the most popular genre very high and have highlighted the music that today has stood out in the artistic world.

Let’s see Angela, I have three things to tell you: Congratulations, we had a song and why is that dump so low-cut? Sorry, we say what we feel, then we’re going to say it with a song, Pepe Aguilar expressed laughing.

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