VIDEO: Pepillo Origel apologizes for imprudent comment about Laura Zapata’s grandmother

“May God receive her!” Said the entertainment journalist when Doña Eva Mange was hospitalized. She now apologized for such a embarrassing comment.

After making an imprudent comment regarding the state of health of Doña Eva Mange, grandmother of Thalía and Laura Zapata, Juan José Origel published a video apologizing.

In recent days, Zapata shared on social networks that his grandmother from 104 yearswas hospitalized after suffering from anemia.

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Faced with such a situation, Internet users expressed support for both Doña Eva and the interpreter. However, among all the comments, that of Juan José Origel caught a lot of attention.

“With all love, may God receive you! This is no longer life for my dear Doña Eva, whom I have had so much love for 🙏🙏🙏”, commented the entertainment journalist.

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The message caused controversy and, a few hours later, Laura responded annoyed, pointing out that she should not make these types of comments.

“The truth is your comment is incomprehensible, who are you to say if it is life or not that my grandmother has”Zapata replied.

Saddened by what happened, Origel posted a video on his Instagram account where he apologized and expressed his great admiration and affection for Mrs. Eva Mange and Laura.

“Laura, you have known me for many years. I knew your grandmother, Eva Mange, for a long time; I went to her birthday, I talked to her. I have a very special affection for her because she has been a great woman and she was a great grandmother ”began his video.

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He added that his comment was not intended to tell him that Mange had to die or that it was time for him to leave this world, but rather to let people know that the lady was suffering and would be better off elsewhere.

And the fact that I have said that God would pick her up, is not that I am asking God for her to leave, but that it is sad that at 104 years of age the lady is suffering as she has been suffering. It is not just telling Doña Eva, it is telling the whole world that she is suffering, that she is better off elsewhere, but excuse me, I offer you an apology, forgive me”.

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Pepillo revealed that he is very sorry for what Zapata may have thought of his message and sought to make peace with the actress.

“Never, I am nobody to say if she lives or does not live, that she goes or does not go, God willing and it is good that she has you to take care of her, sorry and God bless you and God bless Dona Eva”ended.

The entertainment journalist felt sorry for the imprudent comment he made regarding the health of Doña Eva Mange. Illustrative and non-commercial video /