VIDEO – Roselyne Bachelot balances on Bruno Le Maire: “He can be a little cowardly”

Roselyne Bachelot has regained her freedom of tone. His experience within the Ministry of Culturethe interested party decided to tell it in a book, 682 days – the ball of the hypocrites, published by Plon editions. This Thursday, January 5, she was precisely the guest of It’s up to you to promote this book which is full of anecdotes. If Roselyne Bachelot did not hesitate to go after Benjamin Biolaywho challenged him several times during the health crisis, Pierre Lescure has, on the other hand, been surprised to find that Bruno Le Maire had been spared by his former colleague.The best good words, you attribute them to Bruno Le Maire! And there I was amazed“, commented the columnist of It’s up to you. His interlocutor then insisted on defending the current Minister of the Economy : “Bruno is someone very fine, very intelligent and very cultured. That everyone knows“, she said in the preamble.

However, according to Roselyne Bachelot, Bruno Le Maire can also show a whole different face behind the scenes. “He can be a little mean, but I promised that I wouldn’t repeat the dirty talk he said about co-workers“, she confided, amused, on the set of It’s up to you. Yes, in volume 2!“, Pierre Lescure then suggested to him. So, the Minister of Economy and Finance does he have to worry or can he count on the word of his former colleague from the Ministry of Culture?

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Roselyne Bachelot “hurt” by the insults of the artists towards her

During her time on the France 5 talk show, Roselyne Bachelot also evoked his strained relations with actors from the cultural world during the health crisis. As she refers to in her new book, the former Minister of Culture regretted the “double talk“of certain personalities following the closure of cultural venues. “You say that you believe you have been the victim of bashing, you denounce the attitude of certain artists who were not, according to you, ‘the most to be pitied’. You don’t forgive these artists? Are you resentful? wondered France 5 host. Roselyne Bachelot assured that she had “forgiven” since : “I must say that I accepted all the better because I love artists and I understood their sufferings of being deprived of their public. It’s not just a question of money, an artist lives for his public, for this physical contact with the public“, she underlined, adding nevertheless that certain artists made remarks “unjust”. On good terms…

Photo credits: France 5 screenshot