VIDEO – “She had a hard time taking the loss?” : Jordan Bardella cooked on Marine Le Pen

Guest of Franceinfo this Friday, Jordan Bardella has not escaped questions about the near-silence of Marine Le Pen since his defeat against Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election.

Where did Marine Le Pen go? More than discreet for the past two weeks, to the point of snubbing the celebrations of May 1, the fallen candidate is at the heart of many questions. But on the side of the RN, we assure her: she did not have no harm in”take defeat in the presidential election. “Marine is coming out of a presidential campaign which has been very long and trying she needed to take a few days to restreplied Jordan Bardella on Franceinfo, before launching a spade at the head of state: “The difference with Emmanuel Macronis that she did not enter the campaign 15 days before the election.”

Supporters of the RN can therefore be reassured, Marine Le Pen will be particularly involved in the legislative elections. “She took a few days to think about the next step and think about the strategy we are going to implement.“, promises the companion of Nolwenn Olivier. According to Jordan Bardella, the elected Pas-de-Calais should most likely” come back early next week for “present to the French the axes of the legislative campaign“. She even plans a tour throughout the country to support the candidates of the National Rally.

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Marine Le Pen does not want to be Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron

“We can have a powerful group in the National Assembly to prevent Emmanuel Macron from having full powers” because it would be “a cataclysmic for democracy“added the acting president of the RN. Marine Le Pen’s lieutenant, however, assures thatshe does not want the post of prime ministerat the heart of many rumors in recent weeks.

Photo credits: Capture Franceinfo