VIDEO – “She is picking up!” : Elisabeth Borne crushed by Alexis Corbière

Invited on the set of CNEWS in the morning of Romain Desarbres this Thursday, June 16, Alexis Corbière spoke about the results of the first round of the legislative elections. The deputy elected in Seine-Saint-Denis took the opportunity to tackle Élisabeth Borne and her remarks with regard to Nupes.

Alexis Corbière did not appreciate Elisabeth Borne’s criticisms of Nupes, the alliance formed by the left led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. At the end of the results of the first round of the legislative elections, which give the presidential majority almost on a par with the union of the left, the Prime Minister estimated in the JT of France 2 this Wednesday that the economic project of the Insoumis is “dangerous”in particular because of his wish to leave Europe. Passing through the morning of Romain Desarbres on CNEWS this Thursday, June 16, Alexis Corbière crushed the former president of the RATP: Madame Borne who is picking up and who has almost the fervor and enthusiasm of I don’t know what frozen object, come and explain to us today that help! Jean-Luc Mélenchon arrives”, he launched.

Alexis Corbière then lambasted against the lack of social measures put in place during Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term. “No, but Madame Borne… I almost feel sorry for her at times. I’ll tell you which is dangerous for France: after five years of Emmanuel Macron, (…). There are 12 million people living below the poverty line. That’s dangerous for France”, he explained. And to continue with a metaphor: “The chaos is them. They can serve as scarecrows, but scarecrows scare sparrows, not enlightened citizens.”

The deputy re-elected in the first round in Seine-Saint-Denis against LREM representative Halima Menhoudj then launched a call for votes to voters, stressing that the Nupes won 25.66% of the votes against 25.75% for Together in the first ballot. “I want to say to the French:”look at their concern even their panic. This is proof that we can win on Sunday. So come to the polls!” After what Madame Borne says, who cares? I believe that even in macronie no one is interested anymorestung Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s lieutenant one last time.

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“We feel a panic in the government”: Sandrine Rousseau confident

Alexis Corbière is not the first to point out the panic that reigns within the majority presidential since June 12. Four days before the voters went to the polls, the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau had sensed the concern of the candidates of Ensemble during her interview with Thomas Sotto in Telematin. “We feel a panic in the government. They come up with a lot of things like that, in a hurry, to try to maintain their majority in Parliament.” had analyzed the one who lost to Yannick Jadot in the EELV primary.

For Sandrine Rousseau, this climate of tension in the center in the face of the threat from the left is positive: It’s a good sign for us. This panic means that they are not sure that they have the majority and that we can win. I want to say something to the French: there is still an issue here. It is to impose a cohabitation. And it would be the first time in this Fifth Republic that as soon as the president is elected, there is immediately a defense vote which imposes a cohabitation on him.”

Photo credits: CNEWS screenshot