VIDEO – “So, let’s try something…”: Marc Fauvelle reframes Julien Bayou

Present on the set of France news, this Wednesday, April 27, 2022, Julien Bayou was unable to correctly answer a question asked by Marc Fauvelle. A change of subject which then encouraged the host to reframe his guest…

Guest on the waves of France Info, this Wednesday, April 27, 2022, Julien Bayou was the guest of Marc Fauvelle. Facing the journalist, the national secretary of the Europe Ecology Les Verts party first returned to the second round of the presidential elections when he was first questioned about the first round.

Yannick Jadot obtained less than 5% of the votes at the end of the presidential electiondo you understand what happened?“, first asked Marc Fauvelle. “Yeah, the extreme right has been very high and Emmanuel Macron was re-electedandexcuse me to tell you that the second round obviously crushed everything, then replied Julien Bayou, thus changing the subject. An intervention that probably irritated the host who then quickly reframed his guest. “So, we’re going to try something… I’m going to try to ask questions. If you can try to answer my questions rather than others…“, he pointed out to her, before adding: “My question was about the first round. We will talk as much as you want about the second but for the good understanding of this interview [restons] on the first round and the score of your candidate.

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Through a visual shared on his Twitter account, on April 23, Julien Bayou had drawn the wrath of Audrey Pulvar. A poster on which he invited supporters to go and vote but which had subsequently been accused of discrimination and ageism by his political competitors. As a reminder, on this poster, we could read that the “fachos“, the “hunters” and the “boomers“, “planned to vote.”

Escaping very little from the category of ‘boomers’, I am almost personally upset“, had then shared Audrey Pulvar, candidate Île-de-France in common for the regional ones, on this subject on the set of BFM TV, on April 25. “I don’t know a single ‘boomer’ grandparent who doesn’t worry about the fate of their grandchildren or future generations.“, she then remarked, before adding: “I think a lot of boomers vote environmentalists, and it would be a shame to do without their vote..”

Photo credits: Screenshot / France Info