VIDEO – “So what? What is the question ?” : Anne Nivat scathing with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in C à Vous

guest of C to you this Wednesday, January 19, Anne Nivat notably mentioned her new book and seemed perplexed by an intervention by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

Anne Nivat publishes this Wednesday January 19 at Fayard his new book France from the front, for which she has traveled the country and met hundreds of people of very different ages, backgrounds and backgrounds. She was promoting it on the show tonight C to you. Following a report on Eric Zemmour broadcast on the set, Anne Nivat seemed not to know what Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was asking her.

Thus, while the presenter tried to sketch an observation on the book: “Women are seduced by Eric Zemmour in this book, they even tell you that they prefer him to Marine Le Pen“, a slight moment of hesitation, destabilizing for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, followed. Seeming not to understand where she was coming from, Anne Nivat then asked her with a big smile: “ Yes, so what is your question? »

Anne Nivat does not know the voting arguments of the people she met

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine then asked her what were the arguments in favor of Zemmour of the women met by the journalist. Anne Nivat then retorted: “I don’t know, you’d have to ask them, I have no idea. Marine le Pen is mentioned much more than him in my book because when I was doing the investigation, it was not him who was at stake.

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Photo credits: France 5 screenshot