VIDEO – Sophie Davant hilarious: this day when Michel Leeb came to disturb her on set

“Has Michel Leeb been weather presenter on Antenne 2 in the early 80s?” This is the question posed by Laurent Ruquier on the set of TV kids, this Sunday, January 8. While the presenter asked the comedian, precisely present on the setto be impassive, the other guests had to decide. “I say, it’s possiblewas tempted Issa Doumbiaas Marie Gillain while Tomer Sisley and Sarah Abitbol plead in favor of “fake”. Reply ? “No”exclaimed the main interested party, visibly amused. “Even if, one evening, you slipped into the weather frame, just to annoy Sophie Davantrecalled Laurent Ruquier all the same.

The archive unearthed by the latter dates back to 1988. While Sophie Davant had started her meteorological chronicle, entitled 1 2 3 Sun, for the 1 p.m. newscast on Antenne 2, the latter then lost his focussketching a smile before frankly bursting out laughing. “I specify that Michel Leeb is here, right next to me backstageshe then said, laughing, specifying that the rest of the weather was going to be done “with the sound effects”.

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“I do not remember”

The sound of a satellite then that of the wind, the comedian had actually launched into some sound effects before joining the presenter in front of the camera to a knockoff most disconcerting. This one even went as far as drop a kiss on the cheek of Sophie Davant who then had a hard time restraining herself from laughing but especially to finish her column. “I don’t remember this sequence”confessed Michel Leeb to Laurent Ruquier.

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

Photo credits: France 2 screenshot