VIDEO – “Sorry for giving you an order”: Léa Salamé authoritarian, she loses her nerves in We are live

Léa Salamé authoritative with a singer on the air of “On est direct” (France 2), the scene was almost surreal. Realizing the tone she used, the presenter, confused, to apologize.

Wishing for the week end ! After the heated debate between Yannick Jadot and Éric Zemmour which was held as part of the show Elysee 2022 on the evening of Thursday March 18, Léa Salamé certainly need a little rest. In command ofWe live, broadcast on France 2 on Saturday March 19, Raphaël Glucksmann’s companion ordered his guest, singer Kimberoseto go on stage to take up Celine Dion’s title “We don’t change”: “We have to go ! Sorry, we told you not to go, but yes. We are waiting for you to sing!” Quickly realizing the tone used, Léa Salamé made up for it by apologizing to the artist with a nervous laugh: “Sorry for giving you an order.

The clumsy severity by Léa Salamé surprised the whole set. His sidekick, Laurent Ruquier, pointed out to him between two laughs: “You saw how she gives him orders!“Trying somehow to regain her composure, the 42-year-old journalist then preferred to pass the torch to fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier to appeal for donations in favor of Sidaction, theme of the day’s program: “I might yell at people to tell them to give, then it’s going to be completely nakedI.”

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Léa Salamé, still haunted by the Zemmour/Jadot debate?

Taking part in the general laughter, comedian Tom Villa launched a nice spade at the host: “She is invited OK Léa, it’s not Yannick Jadotin reference to the grueling debate between the Greens candidate and Éric Zemmour orchestrated by Léa Salamé at the end of the week in Élysée 2022. “It’s really difficult, I assure you, I’ve done a lot (Editor’s note, debates), but there, it’s really hard to cut you off”, she had launched at the end of her nerves.

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Photo credits: Screenshot We are live France 2