VIDEO. The announcer “Chele” González’s mouth is watering with this Salvadoran delicacy

The communicator, who lives in Virginia, United States, does not forget the gastronomy of his country. Through social networks, he shared a famous recipe that every good Salvadoran knows perfectly. Look what it is

Francisco González, better known as “Chele” González, continues to forge his career in the media, now from the United States. The presenter, who is recognized for his appearance on “Buena Onda”, “Viva la Mañana”, “Play”, among other national programs, as well as various radio stations, shares his positive vibe with the Virginia community , Maryland, Washington DC.

And one of the things he likes to do the most is to share about Salvadoran culture, especially its gastronomy, on more than one occasion he has shown some typical dishes of his country to his 39 thousand Instagram followers.

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This time and to start Friday with everything, González posted one of the most coveted fruits: jocotes.

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“In El Salvador they are called jocotes, and in your country?” He asked his followers in his Instagram stories. In addition, she was quick to explain that chili, lemon and salt are from another world.

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The Salvadoran announcer does not forget his love for his homeland and returns whenever he can to go sightseeing or do some work as an entertainer. He takes the opportunity to visit some emblematic sites, taste the pupusas or cool off on the coast.