VIDEO The great regional competition: Cyril Féraud finds the double of François Hollande, Internet users validate

This Friday, March 18, 2022, France 3 offers the program The Grand Concours des Régions: what will be the best folk dance in France? presented by Cyril Féraud. And among the competitors, the host found the look-alike of François Hollande, which greatly amused Internet users.

It is a program that was eagerly awaited by fervent defenders of the regions. France 3 broadcasts this Friday, March 18, 2022, The Grand Concours des Régions: what will be the best folk dance in France? Several troupes from the four corners of France come to present their traditional dance. A program that aims to be entertaining but also cultural. And for good reason, as Cyril Féraud confided in the columns of TV Magazine Friday, March 18, 2022, the show also wanted to dust off the folk genre, sometimes considered corny: “Folk dances are not old-fashioned, dusty or old-fashioned. In fact, there are dance steps that are inherited from generation to generation, but you have to stage them, create the costumes, it’s very modern. I’m proud of this show.”he confessed.

A program of which he is proud, yet the host of slam have one regret. And for good reason, to rate the said dances, he called on Vincent Niclo, Caroline Margeridon, Laurent Luyat and Mareva Galanter and he would have dreamed that the lover of France par excellence, Jean-Pierre Pernaut would be present in the jury: “I would have dreamed that Jean-Pierre Pernaut was on our jury” he confessed, not without emotion.

“He changed François Hollande”

Viewers therefore discovered this program this Friday, March 18, 2022. And between two dances, Cyril Féraud obviously did not hesitate to make a few jokes… After the passage of Burgundy, he obviously questioned the troop but a small detail concerning the director of the latter did not escape him. According to him, he looks a lot like François Hollande: “Have you noticed the jury that we have, among us, a President of the Republic, François Hollande, ladies and gentlemen!, he launched under the laughter of the public. An opinion visibly shared by internet users: “It’s true who looks more like him”“He looks too much like him!”, “He changed François Hollande, so he started dancing!”can we read on Twitter.