VIDEO – “They lack glamour”: Meghan Markle and Harry pinned for their lifestyle

Invited on the TPMP set on the evening of Friday May 6, royal expert Bertrand Deckers looked at the compromised project of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Netflix. A quack which could have a link with the image of the Sussexes according to his words.

With their company Archewell Productions, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have done business with giants like Google and Spotify. In 2020, they had also landed a new partnership at more than $100 million with Netflix. Bad news, a wave of budget cuts deployed by the streaming reference won the first animated series imagined by Meghan Markle and David Furnis, Pearl. But for the royal expert Bertrand Deckers, invited on the set of TPMP on Friday May 6, the break would also have a link with the image of the Sussexes: “What Netflix seems to be saying, or at least what the couple’s relatives are saying, is thatthey lack glamor.

Victims of a tarnished image by their departure to America, the parents of Archie and Lilibet Diana have redoubled their efforts lately in order to raise their popularity rating. In vain according to Bertrand Deckers who suggested that Netflix “just turn stars who think they are stars and which are ultimately not really”. And to add, mocking the lifestyle of the star of Suits and of his half: “They are not more glamorous at allwe see them all the time feed their chickens, drink tea… And besides, lately, Prince Harry, since he lacks glamor, took over polothis so English sport.

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The Sussexes on Netflix: a bad ad for the platform?

We now know that subscriptions did not not necessarily reneweds, the stock price kept crashing and this contract fell through“, specified Bertrand Deckers with our colleagues. But the popularity of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would also have created a wave of unsubscribes on Netflix, as reported The UK Express upon signing the contract, in 2020.”Not only what they have to say doesn’t interest me at allbut I will also cancel my subscription”, had for example indicated, furious, a surfer.

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