VIDEO. This is how Alfredo Adame was left after a motorcycle accident, he ended up between a water pipe and a car

Mexico.- Alfredo Adame it does not leave one to enter another. From controversy to controversy over his statements, from fight to fight with motorists and with Carlos Trejoand now the actor suffered a motorcycle accident in the Mexico City.

The former driver of Televisa he was on his motorcycle on the Tlalpan Viaduct from the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway when he got caught between a hookah and a car.

Fortunately, he was able to scream, turn off the motorcycle that was under the water pipe and get out of there, although he suffered an injury to one of his legs because he was burned by the exhaust.

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In January 2022, Alfredo Adame was involved in a fight with motorists in CDMX./ Photo: Special

Through an interview that is already circulating on social networks, Alfredo Adame himself told how the accident happened in which he assured, he could have died.

“I was in shorts because I left the gym and then suddenly I was between the hookah and the car. I was between a water pipe and a car, but the pipe was very close to the line that divides the two lanes, when it started it managed to push me with the motorcycle cases until it threw me and the motorcycle fell under the pipe ” Adam explained.

He added that thanks to his screaming, the water pipe stopped, however the injury to his leg occurred in his attempt to get out of the accident, because he hit his leg to the exhaust and was burned.

Alfredo Adame’s injuries are shown in Angélica Palacios’ video./ Photo: Capture

“Luckily I yelled at him and he stopped. But while I was trying to turn off the motorcycle, I stuck my leg to the exhaust and I have this burnt,” Adame told Angelica Palaciosfor your channel Youtube.

Although the artist was between life and death, some Internet users criticized that he did not respect the rules of the road and that he did not wear protection such as a helmet and knee pads if he was on a motorcycle.

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