VIDEO Top Chef 2022: find out which candidate was eliminated in the sixth week of the culinary competition

Wednesday, March 23, in Top chef, the candidates struggled to keep their place in the competition. But, that’s the game, one of them was eliminated as a last chance. Find out which one.

The competition continues… and becomes more complex. Wednesday March 23, the ten candidates still in the running in the competition Top chef had to face Philippe Etchebest and Paul Pairet in the now cult event of who can beat, on the theme of the mushroom. And for the occasion, the brigades were mixed. The objective of the new duos: to succeed in making a better plate than the two recipes of the best worker in France and the starred chef in order to qualify. If they beat only one of the coaches’ two dishes, they scored two points.

And that’s what Arnaud and Mickaël did as well as Louise and Lilian, who finished ahead of Paul Pairet but failed to dethrone Philippe Etchebest. “It is a scandal”, protested Paul Pairet when he discovered that he was ranked fourth after the tasting of Glenn Viel (who refused to face the candidates). All the candidates, still in a mixed duo, then met for the second round.

Ambroise eliminated after six weeks of the contest

It was Michaël Bartocetti, pastry chef at the George V, who came to challenge the candidates of Top chef. He asked them to make a sugar-free dessert, just with honey and all bee products (wax, pollen, propolis, etc.). And it was Louise and Lilian who seduced the pastry chef, enough to qualify them in the seventh week.

Lucie and Wilfried, in second place, scored six points, securing qualification. Pascal and Thibaut, who hadn’t scored a point in the first round, won four points, while Mickaël and Arnaud, who already had two points, equalized. With zero points, Sébastien, from Philippe Etchebest’s team, and Ambroise, from Paul Pairet’s brigade, therefore found themselves as the last chance. To keep their place in the competition, they had to cook the salmon in an hour, tops. After the blind tasting, the chefs saved Sébastien’s plate. Ambroise Voreux was therefore eliminated. “Leaving in the sixth week is already a good journey, but there is this taste of too little”said the candidate.

Recap of the teams at the end of the sixth week of the competition

Brigade of Philippe Etchebest: Pascal (winner ofTop Chef objective), Michael and Sebastian

Brigade of Paul Pairet: Lilian

Brigade of Hélène Darroze: Wilfried, Louise and Thibaut

Glenn Viel’s Brigade: Lucia and Arnaud