VIDEO Top Chef 2022: Paul Pairet and Philippe Etchebest embark on an astonishing imitation of Hélène Darroze

Kitchen evening on M6 this Thursday, April 21, 2022. M6 broadcast a new episode of Top chef and in this one, Paul Pairet and Philippe Etchebest were in a teasing mood since they launched into an astonishing imitation of Hélène Darroze, who is absent from this number.

Exceptionally this week, Top chef broadcast its episode not on Wednesday but on Thursday April 21, 2022 because of the debate between the two presidential rounds. The episode, although expected, was up to the task since in the latter, viewers witnessed the surprise return of Lilian who had left the program last week. A return that has sharply divided on social networks. E

Indeed, some did not understand why the production had proposed this rulenamely two former candidates to come and “steal” the place of other leaders: “Lilian trying to come back? Apparently in Top Chef one enters there as in a mill” particularly regretted one of them. Others, on the contrary, expressed their joy to see the candidate again, especially since he qualified directly for the rest of the adventure: “It’s so deserved”“Lilian finally back, what happiness!”, “France standing up against Lilian’s return” could we read in particular on Twitter.

A tender tribute

The show must go on, and the Top Chef adventure continues. And this, even without Hélène Darroze. Indeed, the chef is once again absent from this issue and is replaced by chef Pascal Barbot. Laeticia Hallyday’s best friend announced on her Instagram account last October that she had lost her father, then her uncle a few days later, chef Claude Darroze.

Taking advantage of his absence her comrades Paul Pairet and Philippe Etchebest decided to be a little teasing with her. They embarked on an imitation of the chief who often points the finger at her candidates by announcing to the other brigade leaders: “This is where it happens”or “victory is here”. In voiceover, Paul Pairet then added: “We laugh, but in reality, we miss our Hélène and I too wanted to pay her a little tribute”. A nice attention that will undoubtedly please him.