VIDEO – “Well yeah, it’s normal”: Zazie, 58, assumes her white hair and her wrinkles

On the set of Indulge, on RTL, this Friday, July 1, the singer Zazie was asked about her return. An interview during which the 58-year-old artist shared some revelations about her new look and her hair, which is now a little more bleached…

While some stars prefer to hide the traces of age for as long as possible; others, on the contrary, prefer to assume their age in broad daylight. Starting with the singer Zazie. Guest on the waves of RTLthe 58-year-old singer spoke – this Friday, July 1 – not only about her career but also on her hair, which is now whiter.

There is an undeniable ingredient, it is courage“, first let Zazie know about her return, before revealing: “The courage to question yourself, to arrive with a white wick saying: ‘Well yeah guys, it’s normal“. And to conclude, about her wrinkles and white hair: “JI’m not 20 years old. I don’t want to have them. I am quite well in my age, I have the courage to assume it. […] Well yeah, that’s normal.

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Zazie: her return with great fanfare

On June 27, Zazie unveiled her latest single let it shine. An announcement with great fanfare during which the latter had also revealed its little white roots . “Internet users, hello. I’m currently on the clip for my next single, hence the decor that is breaking the figure, which is called… I won’t tell you! Who’s going to come out…I won’t tell you, but very soon, really very soon, like yesterday, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow…”she had announced, both amused and delighted.

A return to the front of the stage after a difficult confinement.In fact, with RFM, Zazie shared some secrets about her confinement. “At first, we’re not going to lie to each other, I was on tour, so I wasn’t very happy to be like that on stand-by“, she had let go, before continuing: “I rested, it didn’t bother me.”

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