Video When he beat Anitta and the ‘petite’ came out with a prize

The successful Brazilian singer known as annitta He shared a fabulous video for everyone in which he talks about an uncomfortable and at the same time funny situation that happened to him at a meeting with friends.

The reggaeton became the favorite of social networks with this funny moment which undoubtedly caused laughter, but also millions of users put themselves in his place with the accidental experience he had and immediately sent him samples of affection.

The owner of the success ‘Envolver’ talked in an interview that some time ago she left party with his friends and that he had drunk a lot of Red bull, so at the event he said a “little bit” came out, but he never imagined what came after the flatulence, since he assures that he felt hot.

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After so much Red bull, I felt like farting, a fart and already a little bit began to come out and I felt hot, after hot I felt a liquid, Annita said.

Video When he beat Anitta and the ‘petite’ came out with a prize. Photo: Instagram

Laughing, Anitta said that afterwards she had felt like a liquid flowing while she looked beautiful in light blue jeans. The reaction of the public in the live program was laughter, because everyone listened to her speak and laughed at that funny and funny anecdote. uncomfortable that lived.

The famous said that her pants had been stained brown, confirming that a tragedy had occurred due to letting out flatulence. Before this video the reactions did not wait.

In Facebook She received the affection of her entire audience, who is always on the lookout for what she does, since she is one of the most beloved and beleaguered artists of the urban genre of the moment.

Video When he beat Anitta and the ‘petite’ came out with a prize. Photo: Instagram

Their style daring and fun they always put her in the eye of the hurricane. It is clear that the 29-year-old knows the talent that she has and how to expose it. Since her beginnings, her career has been growing like wildfire and her songs have triumphed on digital platforms.

Over time it has shone with its peculiar beauty and personality, because she has become the darling of the public and has earned the affection of the new generations who are always on the lookout for what she does.

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There is no doubt that Anitta with this funny anecdote She became even more loved by netizens, because far from being a great star, she had a mishap like any human being and became uncomfortable in a meeting as it could happen to anyone.

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