VIDEO – “Whose fault?” : Spicy Léa Salamé with Christophe Castaner on Emmanuel Macron

This Tuesday, February 22, Christophe Castaner was the guest of Léa Salamé at 7:50 am on France Inter. While they were talking about the presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron, who is slow to officially declare himself a candidate, the presenter was critical of the head of state.

This is the question everyone is asking today: Emmanuel Macron will he finally declare himself a candidate for the presidential election, whose first round takes place in less than two months? Unsurprisingly, this was one of the topics of conversation, this Tuesday, February 22, between Lea Salame and Christopher Castanerlive from the morning of France Inter. And the reporter was a bit harsh back of head of state. The president of the La République En Marche group in the National Assembly first spoke about the presidential campaign of the other candidates.

Today, we can clearly see that we are witnessing a “Tefal” campaignas an editorialist said“, declared the French deputy, before explaining himself: “That is to say that there is in the political debate a multiplication of themes proposed by the candidates who do not catch and who do not interest the French.” According to Christopher Castanermaybe that’s the question“currently the contenders for the Élysée.” Comments to which Léa Salamé, who was recently affected by the Covid-19, responded tit for tat: “Whose fault is it ?

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“The candidates are campaigning only against Emmanuel Macron”

Having perceived an innuendo intended to sting the President of the Republic, the former government spokesman retorted: “If you want me to say that it’s Emmanuel Macron’s fault, I find that to be a little bit reductive.“According to him, it is not whose fault, but rather”to what“, he hastened to say, before defending the leader of macronie. “Many candidates are now campaigning only against Emmanuel Macron“, he blamed. But in his eyes, “they are mistaken in the very essence of what the presidential election is: we must carry a political project for France“, has finished Christopher Castanerbefore unzipping the programs”either nostalgic, or very conservative or even reactionaryof the other candidates.

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Photo credits: France Inter screenshot