VIDEO: Yanira Berríos already has a calendar with her image

The famous Salvadoran social media character was shocked to see the almanac that one of his followers gave him.

Yanira Berríos cried again. But this time her tears were not caused by some painful episode in her life, but by an unexpected gift that one of her followers gave her.

The famous Salvadoran tiktoker shared a video on one of her Chinese social network accounts showing the gift that “someone very special” gave her. It is a calendar with her image printed on it.

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“I want to make this little video to thank someone very special who brought me a great detail. She is a very busy little person and I thank her because she came here to leave me a very nice detail, look, the 2022 calendar”expresses the content creator.

Yanira Berríos is famous for her tiktoks. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image /

Showing the calendar, the seller of the Historic Center of San Salvador She thanked the person who made her happy with that nice detail.

“Thank you very much, may God bless you and shower you with blessings. Thank you for loving me, thank you for defending me, thank you for being like this with me. The truth is, it has been for me…what it shows me is great. Thank you very much with all my heart. The truth, God bless me”He expressed with evident emotion.

The tiktoker could not hide her emotion. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image/

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Yanira was not the only one who was happy with that detail; many of her followers did too.

How nice! Keep shining”, “We love you, warrior lady”, Nice detail, Yanira. Appreciation is not only shown with money”, “How beautiful her humility! And the most beautiful thing is to see her happy with the little things.”commented several admirers.

The tiktoker was moved by the beautiful details. She thanked whoever gave her the calendar. Illustrative and non-commercial video/