VIDEO: Yanira Berríos reveals that her granddaughter is “very sick”

The Salvadoran tiktoker says she is “very concerned” about the baby’s health. However, tonight she will go to a nightclub in Puerto de La Libertad.

Yanira Berríos, the famous Salvadoran tiktoker is once again anguished. This time, due to the poor health of her granddaughter.

Through a video posted on one of her TikTok accounts, the seller shared this shocking news. Likewise, she let her followers know that she is very concerned about the girl’s health status.

“Well, my beautiful hearts, yesterday I did not go to sell, now I have not gone yet, possibly I will arrive later because my granddaughter, the daughter of my daughter Nancy, is in poor health”Berríos expressed in the clip.

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The renowned content creator also stated that, despite having gone to the doctor, the girl continues to be in poor health.

“We already took her to the pediatrician and nothing. She’s already done everything for her. The truth is I am very worried because I have her sick, very sick”Yanira said, without disclosing details of the disease.

Yanira Berríos has a new problem. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image/

It should be noted that said audiovisual was actually published to inform his followers that this Saturday night he will be present at a disco in Puerto de La Libertad. The disclosure of the health status of her daughter’s baby Nancy expressed it after announcing that she will attend the club where she has been invited to work.

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The publication caused concern in some and astonishment in others. A follower questioned him why he didn’t leave his son-in-law taking care of her girl and she was going to sell. Before this comment, the tiktoker was not silent.

“If you want in this situation you must respect my heart. Because this is a concern that one of mother has passed. (…) my daughter is looking for me with my granddaughter and I am not going to turn my back on her. So as a mother, please respect these moments.”Yanira said.

The renowned Salvadoran tiktoker is very concerned about the health of her daughter Nancy’s baby. Illustrative and non-commercial video/

Not enough with those words, the seller sent a strong message to those who criticized her.

“You, as a woman, must understand me. Do not be throwing poison when your poison is not needed, better help me pray for my granddaughter that I have very bad, “ the influencer reiterated.

But the thing did not stop there, Yanira recorded another tiktok to respond to another user, who criticized him for having decided to go to the disco tonight.

“Yes, at night I am going to be at the Puerto de La Libertad nightclub because it is a job. But if you are going to come and leave me money to go to the pediatrician again, with my granddaughter, I accept it, but I have to go to work”Yanira explained.