VIDEO – Yannick Jadot sucks in geography? The candidate trapped by children in Au tableau

Eleven candidates for the presidential election faced the delicate exercise of the program Au tableau, broadcast this week on MyCanal and C8. Among them, Yannick Jadot had the heavy task of situating the Baltic countries. Without success.

Available from this Tuesday, March 22 on MyCanal, and next Sunday March 27 on C8, the show To the blackboard has, in this presidential election year, managed to bring in almost all the candidates. Only Marine Le Pen refused the invitation as in 2017. In C to youthis Monday, March 21, viewers had the chance to discover new images from the program, whether it was Eric Zemmour’s surprising answer to a question asked, or the geographical shortcomings of Yannick Jadot. In front of the students, who were selected by the teams of the channel, supervised by the producer Mélissa Theuriau, the candidate of the Greens failed to locate the capitals of two Baltic countries…

In the sequence presented, the MEP first tried to create a diversion by asking the students to help him: ”There, in fact, I’ll let you tell me”, launched the candidate to his audience. “Ah no, it doesn’t work, it’s your exercise, not ours“, then replied in chorus the students. Visibly annoyed, the spouse of the journalist Isabelle Saporta then turned to face his painting: “You leave me nothing, you leave me no chance to bounce back, to find solidarity“, he said, laughing. And finally, Yannick Jadot tried everything for everything, and placed the capital of Estonia in place of that of Lithuania. “Nah, it was the other way around”, concluded, all smiles, the children.

According to Eric Zemmour, “absolute freedom does not exist”

Another candidate called on the benches of the school, Eric Zemmour. In a video excerpt unveiled exclusively by Galawe can discover the presidential candidate chatting with a young boy. “Do we agree that the motto of France is freedom, equality and fraternity? And, in ‘freedom’, there is also [la] freedom to call our child as desired“, launched the schoolboy. The founder of Reconquest! then answered in a very surprising way: he asked him if he “[s]I would walk around naked” in the street. “Obviously not”, replied his interlocutor without hesitation. Following this answer, the polemicist then considered that it was the proof that he “there are rules in society” : “Society chooses its rules and then everyone adapts”, he continued, adding that we could be “agree or disagree with these rules.” And Eric Zemmour to conclude: “Absolute freedom does not exist.”

Article written in collaboration with 6Médias

Photo credits: France 5 screenshot