VIDEO – “You should become a priest!” : Valérie Pécresse teases with Cyril Hanouna

guest of Facing Baba on C8 this Wednesday, March 23, Valérie Pécresse did not hesitate to tease Cyril Hanouna by comparing him to a priest or a judge when discussing his invitation from two members of the Daltons collective a few minutes before his arrival on the set.

This Thursday, March 24, Valérie Pécresse announced on Twitter that she had tested positive for Covid-19. The day before, the LR candidate for the presidential election had spent several hours on the set of Facing Baba on C8. And she had shown herself in rather good shape in front of Cyril Hanouna. She also let him know what she thought of her invitation a little earlier from two members of the Lyon collective Les Daltons, who stood out by shooting at the Rhône prefecture using paintball launchers. . “I think we have to restore order, I think the rise in violence is enough. Besides, I saw that the Daltons, they were on your set there »launched Valérie Pécresse to Cyril Hanouna. “You said you would catch them!” »confirmed the facilitator. ” Yes, if I was Darmanin, there, at the exit of the studio, there would have been a policeman to come and ask them to account for paintball and the prefecture”she said.

“I have very good news on the Daltons, I really hope they will keep their promise. They swore to me that they wouldn’t do any more of the actions, that’s it »announced Cyril Hanouna. “You should become a priest, you! », then launched the candidate for the presidential election. Enough to make the audience laugh and applaud. “Or judge”added Valérie Pécresse. “I believe in second chances, but I also believe that when you break, you fix, you see”then continued more seriously the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy on C8.

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A precedent had angered Gérald Darmanin

“I hope they will fix it”concluded Cyril Hanouna. “When we attack a prefecture, we are punished” decided Valérie Pécresse who, in this sequence, tried to combine humor and firmness. Last November, a previous invitation of the Daltons in TPMP had annoyed the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin. ” The question is : ‘Why Mr. Hanouna invited them?’ This is a question journalists could ask each other.he had estimated on CNews. “I think the media should also ask themselves questions! If you weren’t highlighting a certain number of people, maybe they wouldn’t be looking for the buzz.”had declared the minister in front of Laurence Ferrari.

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