VIDEOS. What a goat you see! “Cocolito” went on a trip to Los Angeles, California

Roberto Alfaro, who plays the famous Salvadoran clown, has documented, through various audiovisuals, how much fun he is having in the United States.

Cocoliththe witty Salvadoran clown, has shown how much fun he is having on his new visit to the United States.

Through different content shared on his social networks, the funny character has shown that he is experiencing wonderful moments in the United States.

For example, in a video recently posted on your account TikTokthe comedian, or rather Roberto Alfaro (the artist who characterizes him) can be seen chatting with other characters from the Salvadoran show business.

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Without his characteristic and colorful makeup, but always with his peculiar way of speaking and his sense of humor, Alfaro sends a greeting to his admirers.

Roberto Alfaro is the artist who plays Cococolito. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image/

“Hey! Hi how are things! Greetings to all of you from here, San Pedro California. Look, here I am walking and look who I found, with these ‘sick people’. The Cipitio. What a goat you see!”says the comedian.

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It should be noted that one of the celebrities he met is Alfredo José Jiménez, singer of the Salvadoran group La República.

El Salvador’s most famous clown has enjoyed some tourist spots in Los Angeles. Illustrative and non-commercial video /

Alfaro has not made it clear if his visit to Los Angeles is for work or if it is a pleasure trip. Apparently it is the latter, since in other videos he has been seen enjoying some tourist places in that American city, including Universal Studios.

In another video, Cocolito shows her arrival at that amusement park and the emotion caused by being in front of the iconic rotating world of that attraction.

“Hey, what a goat this jerk! He had never been able to come here. Look how pretty. ‘Diocuarde’ Only in the movies had I seen this ballad. Look what a goat, go. ‘Diocuarde’”, expresses the beloved character with emotion.

Roberto Alfaro, known for his character Cocolito, enjoyed his ride in that amusement park. Illustrative and non-commercial video /