Viewers rage against the Sat.1 show

Stars in the ring

Massimo Sinató dared to do a daring number on “Stars in the Manege”.Image: Sat.1 / Nadine Rupp


Janna Eiserbeck

After a 14-year break, the show “Stars in der Manege” returned to TV on Friday evening, shortly before the turn of the year. Celebrities like Nazan Eckes, Didi Hallervorden or Massimo Sinató tried their hand at Circus Krone as artists, clowns or fire-eaters. As circus directors, Jana Ina Zarrella and Jörg Pilawa led through the show. However, the sometimes daring numbers did not run without incident.

“Let’s Dance” professional dancer Massimo Sinató dared to do one of the most dangerous circus numbers: fire breathing. The number caused him to break out in a sweat and worry in advance.

Massimo Sinató burns himself while rehearsing for a TV show

“Oh dear shit**. Where’s the emergency exit?” He already cursed when professional Patrick wanted to initiate him into the art of fire breathing. “It’s dangerous artistry. You want to come home to your son safely,” said Massimo and revealed that his wife Rebecca Mir was anything but enthusiastic about his project: “My wife says it’s pretty crazy what I’m doing there.”

So he promised her before his performance: “Honey, I’ll come home safely. I promise!” But he didn’t quite succeed. While all was well in the arena when he spat huge flames into the air, he was already suffering burns during rehearsals.

Massimo Sinató explained to the circus directors Pilawa and Zarrella after his performance: “I burned my hand, I burned my lip, I burned my neck. I thought the hair and beard had to suffer. But they were spared – fortunately!”

Stars in the ring

Jörg Pilawa and Jana Ina Zarrella hosted the show.Image: Sat.1 / Nadine Rupp

Disappointed viewers of “Stars in the Manege”.

Massimo’s number must have been one of the most spectacular of the evening. The rest didn’t really impress the viewers in front of the TV. The reactions on Twitter after the comeback of “Stars in the Manege” are at least clear: “boring” and “unspectacular”.

The fact that the audience was constantly being shown instead of the stars in the circus ring also bothered the viewers a lot.

Five participants made it and endured the full seven days on a lonely island in the Gulf of Panama. In the final of “7 vs. Wild” the ranking then decided the winner. Surprisingly, last year’s winner and inventor of the format, Fritz Meinecke, only came in third. Otto secured first place.