Vincent Cassel: In love, the actor comments on a very hot video of his wife Tina Kunakey!

By Marie Hervichon

– Modified 01 Jan 2023 at 13:25

Crazy in love with his wife Tina Kunakey, Vincent Cassel does not hesitate to regularly send him tender statements on Instagram.

Love has no age. Vincent Cassel and his wife Tina Kunakey could only agree. In fact, between the actor of Hatred and the 31-year-old model, it’s been going on for seven years now! In 2018, the actor poured out with Vanity fair about this relationship often decried. “You can’t choose who you fall in love with. I didn’t know how old she was when I met her. The next day when she told me, I was a little surprised but I thought it had to be like this […] The day after we met, when I found out her age and her father was in a panic because she hadn’t been home in time, I said to her, ‘Let me meet your father for lunch.’ And immediately afterwards, I thought, ‘What got into me? I have only just met her. I didn’t know why I was doing it, in fact I was convinced it wasn’t a good idea, but I was doing it anyway”he confided then.

Tina turns up the heat

Years, a marriage and a little Amazon, now three years later, the couple seem more than ever on the same wavelength. This Saturday, December 31, Tina posted on her Instagram account a video where we see her strolling among passers-by near a Brazilian beach. Dressed in a see-through set and a bikini, the beauty leaves nothing to chance!

The number one fan of this superb passer-by? His darling Vincent Cassel of course. The latter also commented on the post a bit sulphurous. ” My shrimp “, he wrote in Portuguese. Internet users were also captivated by the beauty of the young woman. We could read many praises on the perfect plastic of Tina.