Vincent Cerutti has lost 14 kilos: he appears very attractive shirtless and reveals the secrets of his new silhouette

Vincent Cerutti has taken up his challenge! The 40-year-old host lost 14 kilos and showed a photo in which he appears shirtless to prove it… And Hapsatou Sy’s companion managed to get this new silhouette without playing sports!

Vincent Cerutti really amazed internet users! The 40-year-old host showed off his new figure in a photo posted to Instagram. The companion of Hapsatou Sy, who is on vacation in Senegal, poses shirtless, in a red swimsuit, and displays a broad smile. And for good reason, the presenter of the morning on M Radio has taken up his challenge! “Hashtag I tell myself about it in Senegal mode. And that said between August and December (today Tuesday 27) I won my bet!! Go from 99 kilos to 85 kilos without doing sports ! And it’s not bullshit”he rejoiced in the caption of his photo.

Vincent Cerutti, teased by Hapsatou Sy (and Malika Ménard)

Like what by paying attention to what you eat and the quality of the products, it works! Am so happy because suddenly (even if it was not the primary motivation) I fit into all my old star suits. Life is not beautiful“, continued Vincent Cerutti, decidedly on a small cloud. But his companion, the host and businesswoman Hapsatou Sy, did not hesitate to bring him (kindly) back to earth. “And the big pastries, that’s diet“, she teased him. “It’s never for me, it’s for Abbie and Isaac“, retorted the father of their two children, aged 5 and 2 respectively. her friend Malika MenardMiss France 2009, she also teased him, commenting: “I think you tell it to yourself. Cordially“.

How did Vincent Cerutti lose 14 kilos?

Internet users were numerous to congratulate the ex-host of TF1 for this new silhouette. And this one wanted to give more details on the diet he followed to manage to lose his pounds without playing sports. “It’s easy, I keep it very short. I started my diet on August 1st. And there I stopped it yesterday, hence the photo with the red swimsuit. So for a month, in the evening, I stopped eating pasta, rice, potatoes and white sugar. By stopping that, I managed to lose 4-5 kilos in a month. So I was happy“, he first explained.

And to continue:Then I took over the radio at the end of August. I said to myself: ‘Still, you will try to move up a gear‘”. Vincent Cerutti therefore consulted a nutritionistwho advised him to practice the intermittent fasting with “only one meal a day, but a balanced meal, with proteins, lipidscarbohydrates. Starter, main course, dessert and plenty of water all day“. The host, however, clarified to his subscribers that he had to be patient and that the result would be seen “after a few months“.