Vincent Moscato disfigured: he explains himself in a disillusioned message

Vincent Moscato spoke in a video shared on his Instagram account, Wednesday July 6, 2022. Only the former rugby player, now host, is unrecognizable and he explains why.

Vincent Moscato appeared disfigured in a video shared on his Instagram account, Wednesday July 6, 2022. The famous host of the Super Moscato Showon RMC, had bruises all over the face, as well as scabs on the nose and forehead. Very marked, the former professional rugby player, decided to explain to his fans what had happened to him. “I broke my neck on the stairs“, he launched when he seemed to be really annoyed. While he has many marks on his face, he is aware that he will not be able to convince everyone.

Anyway, I know you’re not going to believe me… but hey, here it is, I prefer to tell you because otherwise… everyone asks me and I’m fed up! I broke my face on the stairs“, he confided again. There is no doubt that Vincent Moscato must have been very scared. According to the marks on his face, the fall must have been very violent and he must have suffered particularly. Despite everything, the host, true to himself, preferred to keep smiling.

Vincent Moscato has succeeded in his reconversation on the radio

After retiring as a professional rugby player, Vincent Moscato succeeded in his reconversion as a radio presenter. Every day of the week, he always attracts more listeners with his program dedicated to sport. Before that, he had shone under the colors of Stade Français and had also had the opportunity to wear the jersey of the France team on several occasions. He had also participated in Dance with the stars. He shared the podium with Candice Pascal.