Violence and Sex: Shocking passages from Prince Harry’s memoir

A military veteran told Sky News that Harry’s comments would fuel further hatred towards him and paint a false picture of British military training. It is by no means the case that British soldiers are taught to see their opponents as less human or as “pawns”.

The palace was initially silent on Harry’s allegations and revelations. But whether this can be sustained seems questionable. Expert Prescott assumes that the royal family will continue to adhere to its reserved motto “Don’t complain, don’t explain”. “Any answer would only fuel the fire,” he says. “You’ll just want to let the fire die down.”

The details from the innermost circle of the otherwise tight-lipped British royal family, spread over almost 600 pages, are likely to dominate the headlines for days to come. In a television interview set to air ahead of the official book release, Harry hopes for talks and reconciliation with his family, a teaser reveals.

“It’s an olive branch with thorns,” says Prescott. “Why would they come to him when he consistently throws grenades at them?” Harry wanted a public apology, the Royal Family as little public trouble as possible. “We’re in a dead end here,” he said.