violently criticized, Harold Hessel and Caroline Margeridon counter-attack!

Case Concluded does not correspond to reality

It is a survey carried out by Télérama which reveals that the daily life of antique dealers has changed a lot since the program Affaire Conclue made the happiness of France 2 thanks to very satisfactory audiences. According to Rémi Machard, the president of the Saint-Ouen flea market union, the impact of the show is felt in the living rooms. :

We constantly have customers who refer to the show. Our experts at trade fairs are asked to give estimates for silver plated spoons, something that we did not observe before. But this program does not contribute to the development of background knowledge. The object is anecdotal, the only value that exists is monetary, it lacks a cultural dimension“.

François Casal, president of the Saint-Ouen Flea Market Association, is not kind to the show: ” It’s good that we talk about our world but in such a vulgar and inappropriate way, no!“.

Caroline Margeridon and Harold Hessel react to criticism

The life of the buyer and the expert has changed thanks to the success of the show. They have gained notoriety while their influence has so far stopped at their professional field. Caroline Margeridon does not agree with the observation made below. She considers that the issue is on the contrary very beneficial for the sector and helps to find beautiful objects:

“At the beginning, there were always people in the industry who said: ‘There are the idiots from a done deal who arrive with their cinema!’ Today, I am told that the show brings customers to the Biron Market, everyone is happy.

For his part, the expert Harold Hessel regrets that the profession refuses to evolve with the times, she who is Dcompany attached to its former status and marked by a conservative aspect“.

However, it is true that the show is a great success and that, by dint of being broadcast, it pushes certain sellers to act differently. It is the report which could be made in certain living rooms, but also on television. Viewers have indeed noticed a change in attitude on the part of sellers who always expect too much from estimates and find themselves disappointed.

Sellers who always want more money?

The show is based on a concept that is as simple as it is very effective. The sellers meet Sophie Davant, the host. She welcomes them with an expert, responsible for studying the object brought to make an estimate. Several elements count to hope for a high estimate : Is the item rare? In good condition ? Is it signed by a known and recognized personality? Is it an object that can be resold easily or not? All these questions allow the expert to make an estimate.

Please note that this price does not correspond to reality. It’s a way for the seller to know what to expect, especially if he doesn’t want to sell at a loss. Fans of the show indeed know that auctions are very unpredictable.. If several buyers dream of leaving with an object, then prices can soar well beyond the estimates that are made.

But some Internet users lament seeing some sellers complaining when the expert indicates his estimate. Worse, they sometimes try to inflate it… whereas this estimate is ultimately useless since it is not given to buyers.. If we can obviously understand that sellers are fighting to sell their goods to the highest bidders, Internet users do not hide the fact that they regret seeing them more and more greedy. In the past, the show allowed you to have a free estimate of an object, and to be able to earn some money by selling it to interested people. Today they have the impression that only maximum profit is of interest to sellers. Therefore, they did not fail to publicize it on social networks.

A finding that is similar to that made in the Télérama survey on the changes in attitude of sellers, who no longer have the same intentions. But fans of the show still gather en masse to admire the items for sale. Because despite the controversies of all kinds, the success of the show is no longer to be proven. To use a metaphor on the theme, the painting may be slightly tarnished at times, but it is still in very good condition.