Violeta Isfel says goodbye to a busy 2022 with an unexpected wedding and dance champion – Nueva Mujer

The actress and businesswoman Violeta Isfel is happy with the achievements that the year 2022 leaves her. She says that it has been from a personal and professional point of view very moved and that filled it with many satisfactions.

The last three months of 2022 were very intense for the actress, because in the midst of her participation in the reality show The stars dance today, She was preparing her wedding with businessman Raúl Bernal with whom she has been in a relationship since 2019.

After three years of performing a ceremony where he joined Bernal, This couple decided to have a second wedding to unite their lives on November 29 when they married civilly.

sponsored ceremony

The ceremony of Violeta and Raúl, which was highly commented, as it was completely sponsored, according to the actress herself to support sectors and businesses that do not have money to advertise or have been reduced by the covid-19 pandemic.

“Everything you see here, and more than saying ‘they put’, we have to say that this project of our wedding was a gigantic collaboration… a win-win”said the actress, reviewed the Yahoo portal.

dance champion

But Violeta Isfel is unstoppable, while she was preparing for the wedding, she was competing in The stars dance today Between rehearsals, sliding from one side to the other, the actress and Luis Fernando Peña on December 16 became the undisputed champions of the reality show.

Since the show began, the couple she became the crowd favorite to win ‘Champion of Champions’.

Despite the fact that, in the final, Violeta she lost her skirt and ended up getting out of control in the choreography, it did not prevent them from obtaining the highest rating of 110 points.

However, the contest judges did not let the mistakes pass and they asked the contestants not to suffer their choreography and to enjoy their work.

a life of struggles

For Violeta it has not been easy to achieve everything in her life, mother at 18 years of age, raised her single son, he sought thousands of opportunities in the world of acting and had to ride a hamburger cart to support himself.

From that moment until today, this woman with mettle and dedication she carved out a future for herself as a businesswoman and also as an actress.

Life has rewarded her to the fullest, reaping successes and uniting her life with a man she loves. So 2023 for Violeta Isfel promises because it will be loaded with many successes.