Violeta Isfel tells how she is after being hospitalized for amebas | Famous

Isfel Violet It was hospitalized emergency last May 11 when presenting intense stomach discomfort that led her to the extreme dehydration. The actress told her that she underwent various studies and they found him amoebas.

On Friday, May 13, she was discharged and, now that she has been able to return to her professional activities, she acknowledged that He had “one of the biggest scares of his life”. In an interview with the media, he told in detail what happened to his health in recent days.

“They were amoebas, in fact the complicated thing is that I had two different ones that are more cannon,” said Isfel in the video posted on the YouTube channel of Eden Dorantes. After questioning her about how she is doing, he said, “Rejoining ‘The Stars Dance Today’ after one of the biggest scares of my life.”

Violeta Isfel was diagnosed with amebiasis, what symptoms did she have?

Violeta Isfel lived days of anguish after her hospitalization in which she was under medical observation for two days. The studies showed that the actress suffered from amebiasiswhich is spread by eating undercooked food, according to the health site MedlinePlus.

At first, the actress thought that a chicken that she ate away from home caused her harm, however, she pointed out that it could have been any contaminated food that made her sick.

“It is very difficult to figure out what it was that infected me, we thought it was the chicken, in the end, I don’t know, you can eat them right now (the amoebas) and (the symptoms) they give you in three weeks or three months, it is very changeable,” he added.

In a video that she shared on her Instagram account from the hospital in Mexico City where she was treated, she narrated that she started with very strong diarrhea and vomiting on Monday, May 9. Two days later the picture got complicated, so she ended up in the emergency room.

“I arrived with a very strong level of dehydration, they did all the studies there were and for having, they rehydrated me”said the actress of ‘Dare to dream’ in the recent interview.

Violeta Isfel lost 13 pounds due to the amoebiasis she suffered

During the days in which the health of Violeta Isfel, 36, was diminished lost at least 13 pounds.

“I lost about 6 kilos (13 pounds), for me it’s too much, I started this competition (The stars dance in Today) at 60 kilos (132 pounds) and I was already around 54 kilos (120 pounds)that was what also scared us a lot because the level of infection, which we did not know what it was, was already draining me, even muscle mass, “he said.

The actress took advantage of the microphones to recommend the public to have a good diet so that they do not go through the same thing, since she is still undergoing treatment and on a soft diet to regenerate the intestinal flora.

Recommend people to be careful where they eat. Be more careful with that and right now I am cooking practically every day to continue regenerating myself, ”she added.

The actress was honest with the press and said that despite having rejoined ‘Las estrellas bailan en Hoy’, in which she has been participating since the beginning of May, she is not feeling well.

“Honestly, I don’t feel quite right, right now I go everywhere with electrolytes because precisely what I have to take care of is not to get dehydrated,” the actress concluded.