Violeta Isfel worries her fans by appearing with a collar after falling on television – New Woman

Isfel Violet caused concern among all his fans after he suffered a spectacular fall during his show on the program “Las estrellas bailan en Hoy”.

Isfel was finishing his dance routine with his partner, Luis Fernando Peña, however when it was time for the final chargethe famous did not achieve the maneuver and fell on his back and head.

Although after the accident, the actress assured that it was in perfect conditionThose present insisted that the fall was very strong, but she claimed to be in perfect condition.

Violeta and her partner were encouraged to repeat the maneuver and that was how they made a charge that everyone present applauded.

The jury asked him to have a medical check-up to rule out any complications. and this was what the actress of “Dare to dream” did, however she kept pointing out that everything was perfect.

Violeta Isfel must rest

After the concern of the fans, the artist reappeared on social networks with a collar onsince the fall had indeed left injuries that Isfel had not felt at the time.

He confirmed that, after several tests, it was determined that he had sustained neck injuries and He must have been in recovery.

“I’m fine guys, in the medical service they gave me a neck brace, and they sent me to make a plaque, my head is fine. It looks more bulky than it was, but if it’s delicate from the whiplash, I have a serious injury, I had a sprain and that’s why they sent me to put this collar on for 7 days with absolute rest so that it doesn’t get worse”he pointed out through a live on Instagram.

Many wondered if he would not return to the program, however he made it clear who will soon be making a new presentation.

“This weekend I had some presentations that I will not be able to attend in order to keep my restbut I will be during rehearsals with this collar and I will only take it off on the day of the dance, “he said.