Vip, Vip, Hooray!: Johnny Depp unpacks disturbing details

The trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues, “Slippin’ Jimmy” gets a star on the “Walk of Fame” and fans of “Manta, Manta” can look forward to part 2. “Vip, Vip Hooray!” – the weekly recap of the stars is here.

Not just maybe, but definitely, we should pay close attention when women make serious allegations against men. Key word: domestic violence. Because of their physical physique alone, women are victims much more often than men. That is undisputed. But it’s not as if men can’t also be victims of domestic violence. And thus victims of women who become violent and/or spread lies. It is important to listen to alleged victims and to let the police, like the courts, do their job. Because a violent man is not behind every accusation made by a woman.

Men must be put under general suspicion because they are men. Men are not always perpetrators, women are not always victims. Anyone who believes potential victims should not only mean women. The example of actor Johnny Depp shows how far it can go if you blindly buy what all women say.

We, society, need to be more sensitive to the fact that there are women telling lies, wrongly blaming men, and also abusing MeToo. The cases of false accusations are increasing, but receive little attention from the media. The fact that women build entire houses of cards with lies can sometimes have the most trivial reasons, but some women also have a mental disorder. Irrespective of the topic just mentioned, the Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome should only be mentioned at this point, in which mothers deliberately fake or create illnesses in their child in order to repeatedly present it to medical professionals and to be the center of attention.

“She explodes out of nowhere”

Even with Hollywood star Johnny Depp, everything indicates that he has become a victim of domestic violence. Due to the allegations by his then wife Amber Heard, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor suffered massive damage to his image, was dubbed a “woman beater” and lost job offers. Now the defamation trial is bringing more and more horrifying details to light. It has been public since 2016 that Heard hit her then ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree in 2009 and was even arrested because of it.

In the Depp case, tapes exist that only hint at the full extent of what happened between the two former lovers. There is talk of a toxic relationship in the process, of a pile of feces that Heard Depp is said to have put on the bed, of massive verbal and physical abuse, “degrading insults” and “bullying”.

“Slamming” would Depp’s ex-wife: “It could start with a slap in the face. It could start with a nudge. It could start with throwing a TV remote control at my head. It could start with pouring a glass of wine into me To shake face. (…) She has a need for conflict. She has a need for violence. She explodes out of nowhere.”

Many witnesses have already spoken. Kate James, the actress’ former assistant, said she was “constantly yelled at” by the 35-year-old. She even spat in her face. She shed many tears during this time. Heard’s own sister is said to have kicked her “like a dog” and her mother, who died in 2020, is said to have been really afraid of her daughter. This process is a glimpse into the deepest abysses of a relationship between two people who were considered a dream couple in Hollywood.

Bertie, Uschi – and a star of his own

Let’s stay in Hollywood, but devote ourselves to more pleasant topics. This week “Better Call Saul” star Bob Odenkirk, who became world famous at the latest as the wily lawyer Saul Goodman – nicknamed “Slippin’ Jimmy” – received his star on the famous “Walk of Fame” in Los Angeles. In the presence of his wife Naomi, the 59-year-old revealed his name in front of cheering fans.

The fans of “Manta, Manta” should soon be cheering again. There should actually be a second part of the German cult flick starring Til Schweiger and Tina Ruland. The dream couple Bertie and Uschi are 30 years older, but there is great hope that Schweiger will succeed in reviving the charm of the film, which was a sensational success at the box office.

And then there was also a video of Xavier Naidoo this week in which he apologizes. The singer has made many mistakes in the past. Now he hopes to be forgiven. The scene around the conspiracy narrators Michael Wendler and Attila Hildmann is said to rage and accuses their former like-minded people of “treason”. At this point, the reference to the very readable text: “The remorse of Xavier Naidoo: This path will not be easy” by colleague Volker Probst. Until next week!