Vip, Vip, Hooray!: Sex sells! OnlyFans makes the cash register ring

Lars Eidinger has deleted his Instagram account, the Wendlers are active on OnlyFans and a press release calculates what celebrities could earn if they flash on the portal. Vip, Vip, Hooray! The celebrity madness of the week is here.

“36 degrees, and it’s getting even hotter” 2Raumwohnung once sang and in fact, the current temperatures, at least in Berlin, make you a bit muffled, it won’t be long before the thermometer bursts. Speaking of bursting: I could, dear readers, do that from time to time with the mail I sometimes receive, and with that I welcome you to a new edition of the celebrity column Vip, Vip, Hooray! This time with a special edition on the topic: Let’s all run naked through Wallachia! That would not only be sustainable for the environment, but we could also earn a lot of gravel on the side!

At least that’s what a press release that fluttered into my e-mail inbox recently suggests. Their statement broken down into two words: Sex sells! We know! This is old hat, although more and more prominent women who get naked for Playboy are now happy to claim that they are only flashing for purely feminist reasons and not for cash and sexy pictures. It’s clear.

Good bye Instagram, hello OnlyFans!

Instagram seems to have been played through, almost worn out. More and more people are dissatisfied, complaining about the many accounts on the platform, which only seem to advertise cosmetic Tinnef. In addition, the reach is artificially inflated with purchased followers, which of course should suggest: “Look, I’m important!” In short: Many users are very annoyed. Added to this is the potential for addiction, which should not be underestimated. You just want to open the app for a moment and hey presto, you’ve wasted two hours in the Insta cosmos. The pressure to generate a lot of likes and followers affects many. Of course also celebrities.

The actor Lars Eidinger, for example, has now pulled the plug and deleted his Instagram account. He says: “The toxic influence of this medium is so enormous and has made me so ill over the years that I have pulled the emergency brake.” For more than six years, Eidinger has regularly and often posted very artistic photos on Instagram.

But as we all know, social media doesn’t sleep. If one platform is out, simply switch to the next! Instagram once stood for good photo content, but TikTok now serves as a role model. You see more and more people singing into toilet brushes for reach while dancing clumsy steps. Can you do it. But you don’t have to. Because even the hundredth toilet brush video is eventually finished.

The Wendlers are active on OnlyFans

This is where OnlyFans comes in. And the oh so funny press release in my virtual mailbox. In it I am asked if I have ever thought about “how much money German celebrities could make on this platform?” No I haven’t. why? Is it somehow important to my life what a celebrity rakes in who breaks free upstairs and/or downstairs? The message itself provides the answers immediately afterwards. That’s how I found out that the Wendlers “are already active on OnlyFans and are making their pictures and videos available”. Excellent! I have the prospect of possibly seeing little Michi. My life is saved.

I also learn that footballer Toni Kroos, with his huge reach on Instagram, could make €17 million a month with an average OnlyFans subscription. Alongside. Just if he let himself be filmed singing naked in the shower. It goes on to say: “Germany’s most popular fitness influencer, Pamela Reif, could generate around 4.5 million euros a month on OnlyFans with her 8.6 million Insta fans. (…) The beauty influencer Bianca Classen could do incredible 4 million euros in sales.”

Yes, really: unbelievable! Just like the clumsy comparison, in contrast to showing “normal” professional salaries, loosely based on the motto: Haha, the salary of a doctor who “earns an average of around 90,000 euros a year at the peak of his career” is simply ridiculous compared to what ” the most successful OnlyFans model” in the year, namely “around 875 times as much.”

Cash in the Eva costume

Here’s how much nurses earn. Something stupid but also! Nurses who work every day, like many other people in this country who do so much for our society, are often not properly compensated for their work. Maybe they shouldn’t appeal to the federal government for better wages, but should all register with OnlyFans? Doctors could simply operate naked, the cashier in the supermarket would definitely earn 100 times more if she scans the goods in Eva’s costume! In any case, trades such as roofers, bricklayers or tilers are threatened with extinction. There is an acute shortage of teachers in schools. Apprenticeship positions in certain professions are being filled less and less.

Social media are increasingly conveying the image that normal jobs seem superfluous and outdated when you can easily become an influencer or model on OnlyFans and thus earn a lot more. You just have to take off your clothes, because “sex sells”.

It’s all taking on absurd proportions. Where will our society develop if profit-oriented platforms give the impression that normal jobs are no longer desirable? All hands to OnlyFans! If at some point they say: “Help, my arm is broken, I urgently need a doctor!”, maybe there won’t be any more. Because you earn more gravel when you peel off. With this in mind: see you next week!