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Diana Princess of Wales was the most photographed person in the history and practically every moment of his public life was recorded on photo and video, including an awkward moment that has become viral in our days when the popular Lady Di suffered a breach of her security with a man who pushed through the crowd to try to grab her, which caused a great uproar from the security agents and the mother of Harry and William.

TikTok (posted by @dianaspencerparis) revived what happened April 13, 1989, when the princess was paying a solitary visit to the county of Northumberland, United Kingdom, and, suddenly, a 57-year-old man appears out of nowhere, it was about ted adcockwhose history of harassment put him in the public eye when he groped the chest of Florence Griffith Joyneran American athlete.

After the altercation and when adcock was neutralized, Diana He continued his journey until he ran into the crowd that had attended to see her, but the strange event was revealed in the always sharp British press, who took statements from the subject: I like the princess. Let’s put it this way, she could have been trying to give him a hug. She’s an attractive woman, but I didn’t, I didn’t realize she would end up like this.”.

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The word of the “stalker”

And continued: “I have always been a big fan of the princess, if I caused you distress, I am so sorry. I still can’t say why I did it. Although he may seem calm on the outside, there is confusion on the inside, but he would never hurt anyone.” said the man to Daily Mail in 1989.

But, ted adcock He has a history of sexual harassment and assault, since he sexually assaulted a saleswoman, for which he received 2 years of probation; in 1990 he was on everyone’s lips again for catching the runner Veronique Marot while preparing to participate in a marathon. When he was in prison he was ordered to seek medical help after assaulting two prison workers.

Now, it is true that it was never thought that the integrity of Diana of Wales it would be compromised, but the fact that any person could break the royal security cordon did cause an intense debate at the time. In that sense, the Daily Mirror He reflected it this way: “Diana’s Terror: The Split Second Yesterday When The Princess Could Have Been Killed”.

Diana, loved by all

The post was shared last January 24 and it is accumulating more than 525.2 thousand reproductions with thousands of comments that do not stop paying praise to the formerly known as the “People’s Princess”: “You just carry on with such grace”, “Diana is so unfazed. She was not afraid to see her face ”,“ I don’t think the man attacked her, I think he just wanted to hug her ”.

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