Virginie Efira glamorous: her very promising clues on her dress for the opening of the Cannes Film Festival 2022

Saturday May 14, 2022, Virginie Efira gave an interview to the Journal du Dimanche. During this one, the actress made some secrets about the dress she will wear at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival 2022.

For the first time, Virginie Efira has been chosen to be the mistress of ceremonies at the Cannes Film Festival! A few days before the opening of this one, the actress granted an interview to the Sunday newspaper. When the magazine’s journalist asked her if she had already chosen her outfit, the pretty blonde replied with humor: “Yeah, I’m not going to arrive naked!“More seriously, the young woman added:”I will be in a Saint Laurent dress. It’s structured, not too much frills. It’s very French, even if the creator is Belgian. Anthony Vaccarello and I were, moreover, in the same school in Brussels.

Accustomed to the flashes of the photographers, the companion of Niels Schneider is however not a fan of the red carpets. “I have a hard time with people who talk about it as an incredible moment in life: ‘I really enjoyed my red carpet…’ We just climb steps under the eye of the photographers. Maybe it’s because I always step aside when there’s something sacred. Where I came from, Cannes, it was Hollywood, a temple. From the moment we are there, we can no longer value it in the same way, otherwise we become crazy or narcissistic“, she revealed. While in 2019, she stood out when climbing the stairs, because her shoes had become untied, Virginie Efira confided: “Apparently, sitting on the steps of Cannes is a small event. It created a stir among the photographers, until Niels (Schneider, editor’s note) came like a savior to help me. As if the progress of the world depended on my bloody shoelaces!

Virginie Efira: “I often feel like I’m in a movie”

Every year, stars around the world dream of being photographed on the famous steps of the Cannes Film Festival. In an interview given to Figaro, the actress assured that we should not take things too seriously. “During previews, I often feel like I’m in a movie. We have to start a character. It’s almost a depersonalization. There is, in Cannes, an acceptance of rather comical hysteria. A rather contagious hysteria, moreover. A missing belt? The world is collapsing… You have to be able to laugh at that. Being inside, while taking distance“, she analyzed.


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