Virginie Ledoyen: her moving confidences on her last shoot with Jean-François Stévenin

This Monday, March 21, 2022, France 2 will broadcast the series The Island of 30 coffins in which Virginie Ledoyen plays. On this occasion, she agreed to confide in this experience in the columns of TV 2 weeks. She returned to the set alongside Jean-François Stévenin, who died a few months later.

Cinema evening on France 2 this Monday, March 21, 2022, The channel will broadcast the first two episodes of its new series The Island of 30 coffins. In this last Virginie Ledoyen plays alongside Charles Berling, Stanley Weber and Jean-François Stévenin. This series tells the story of Christine who has returned to her native island, Sarek, to discover the truth about the murder of her infant who was declared stillborn fifteen years earlier.

A harrowing thriller, mixed with a beautiful love story, as confided by Virginie Ledoyen in the columns of TV 2 Weeks this Monday, March 21, 2022: “This series is obviously a thriller and an investigation, but it is also a great love story. Between a man and a woman, between a woman and her child… When Christine, my character, receives video images of the murder of her baby, trouble and fear invade her. When she returns to Sarek, she faces mad adversity and the island’s curious inhabitants.” she confided.

“On the set, he was already very tired”

Virginie Ledoyen then confided in the filming most particular. The latter took place in Ouessant, a small Breton island which gave a special atmosphere: “We started filming in Ouessant, which immediately got us into the mood and created team cohesion. It’s a wild Breton island with a rather violent beauty. It takes you, oppresses you . She was like an actor in the series to whom we gave the reply”.

In the rest of the interview, she also returned to her collaboration with Jean-François Stévenin, an actor who unfortunately died on July 27, 2021, a few weeks before the end of filming: “It was very moving. Much younger, I had shot with Jean-François in the film Of love, where he played a policeman who raped me. This sequence had traumatized him enough. So it was nice to find yourself twenty years later in a filial relationship of love rather than violence. On the set, he was already very tired. He was a man who adored this profession, and knowing that, until the last moment, he was able to continue… It’s a nice way to leave. A beautiful tribute.