Visibly upset, Diego Boneta responds to his probable marriage to Renata Notni

Mexico City.- It is known that the Diego Bonet He has always been very discreet with his private life, and even more so now that he has a romantic relationship with Renata Notniso from the beginning they have tried not to share details about their relationship.

Although the couple has been seen together at events or outings, they remain very secretive with the press when talking about their intimate life, although several rumors have emerged that indicate that the famous young people could go one step further in their relationship and reach the altar.

This romance, which has become one of the favorite couples in the world of entertainment, was recently seen parading down the red carpet of the movie “The Father of the Bride”, where Boneta participates, so the cameras and microphones they monopolized it and, among other issues, questioned the actor and his girlfriend about their relationship and possible commitment.

Visibly uncomfortable and annoying Diego and Renata They responded to the questions of the representatives of the media in a blunt manner, denying that the reports that they were going to get married were true, but at the insistence of the reporters, the celebrities decided not to answer any more and continue at the event.

Diego Boneta commented that he wants to continue growing in his artistic career. Photo: Instagram.

For his part, Diego Boneta assured that at this time he is not interested in rushing anything in their relationship, since he prefers to enjoy this stage of his life and continue to grow in his professional career, so a wedding is not within his short-term plans. term.

Right now we are enjoying the moment we are going through, we don’t like to rush anything, we are happy. Let’s take it one step at a time,” he said.

But the reporters insisted, questioning whether it is true that he already gave his Renata an engagement ring, to which he only turned to the camera with a somewhat mocking smile and left the place without commenting on anything else.

For its part, Renata Notni shared what her secret is to stay full both personally and professionally:

Renata Notni assured that she is not in a hurry to commit. Photo: Special.

I believe that the formula is in the balance in your life, I have tried to balance my personal and professional life, take care of my personal life, my family and my friends,” he commented.

When questioned about their relationship, the model and actress assured that at this stage of their courtship they are very happy, for which she denied that they had postponed their wedding due to pandemic issues, she also assured that they are living the day and do not have hurry to commit, although he does not rule it out either, but not in the short term.

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