Vitaa mom: her sons prank their little sister Noa!

Vitaa is the proud mother of three children, including a little girl, Noa, since April 10. The mother shares her family moments on her Instagram account. The singer revealed the first bickering between brothers and sister!

Vitaa leads a fast life. Between these three children and her career as a singer, the young woman is very busy! Barely a month after giving birth to her third child, a little girl named Noa, Vitaa is already back on stage! Invited by her friend Camelia Jordana for her concert at the Olympia, the 39-year-old singer was accompanied by her youngest. A moment between mother and daughter that she shared on social networks via her Instagram account. Little Noa was with her mom in the dressing room, then in the middle of a hair and makeup preparation session, before going on stage. And Noa will have to get used to concert halls because Vitaa will resume his tour, the VersuS tour with Slimanealso became a dad a short time ago, in June.

Little prank between siblings

Vitaa, married to Hicham Bendaoud, had three children with her partner, Liham, born on July 24, 2010, Adam, born on April 25, 2014 and therefore Noa a little girl born on April 10. And even if these two boys are tall, the young woman had confided to being overwhelmed on her Instagram account: “Help, 3 kids, it’s an orga, I wasn’t ready.” Vitaa had even shared a story where she was managing her sons’ homework at the same time while breastfeeding her little Noa!

Being a mother of three children, including a newborn, is quite an organization and being away for a few minutes can lead to a funny moment between brothers and sisters! The singer posted a story of her daughter where we can see a white sheet where is written “Go Psg / Madrid“with a drawn heart, placed behind Noa’s head.”I left him 5 minutes with his brothers“wrote Vitaa before posting”and they were proud too.” It promises for the future !

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