Vitaa resents Diam’s like never before after her documentary Salam, she explains why

If Diam’s has decided to leave the life of sparkling, she remained very friendly with Vitaa. In the documentary Hello, the singer appears alongside the ex-rapper. Moreover, a few hours ago, Slimane’s sidekick reacted to her friend’s comments about her. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

The beautiful friendship between Diam’s and Vitaa

Before it was put online on the BrutX platform at the start of the 2022 school year, Salam, the Diam’s documentary was available in 200 cinemas. In this one, the former singer retraces her life journey:“I wanted to go back in my footsteps and take the viewer on a journey with me. Dive back into my memories and bring them back to life with my pen and the camera. To rediscover my memory in the places that marked me, to find the people who brought me so much and who helped me to build myself”.

And among them, there was inevitably, Vitaa. It must be said that Diam’s and his girlfriend, friendship has always been there. And even nearly 10 years after the interpreter of the “Boulette” ended his career, the two women still maintain a brotherly relationship: “With Charlotte (Vitaa’s real first name), our friendship has never changed. We were two little ‘girls’ who spent evenings together. Today, we are two mothers who meet in the afternoon.

Vitaa’s response to Diam’s

While waiting for everyone to see the documentary, Diam’s is active on social networks. A few days ago, she even did a question and answer session. And when a person asks her if Vitaa will be present in the documentary, she has a rather cash answer. The interpreter of the Boulette, replied:“Tick and tock! She’s in salam, she’s talking about me, I’m talking about her… And I think that made people smile. “And the stories of Charlotte love you”.

And it didn’t take long for Vitaa to react to his words. Indeed, a few minutes later, the sidekick of Diam’s shared the same story on his Instagram account. The singer just added a beautiful caption:“You showed me well” with laughing crying emojis. As a famous saying goes, who loves well punishes well, right? Moreover, it should be noted that this is not the first time that she reacts to the project of her friend.

She is very proud of her friend

During the preview of the film in Cannes, Vitaa took the time to say what she thought of the documentary. And the least we can say is that she is very proud of Diam’s: “Tonight, I had the immense privilege of seeing my sister Diam’s documentary and I can’t put into words what I felt because I was so overwhelmed. To you who love it, have listened to it, supported it or hated it… Go and see you will understand… I love you my sister and am so proud of who you have become”.