Vive Latino 2020 marks the return of Camilo Séptimo to festivals – El Sol de México

With surprise guests and a new single faithful to its sound atmosphere, the Mexican band Camilo Séptimo returns today to a music festival after more than two years of a pandemic in which, its members say, they gained unparalleled spiritual and musical maturity.

“At Vive Latino they give us more time than at other festivals, and I think we’ll be able to bring an audiovisual show that we’ve been working on,” Manuel Mendoza, vocalist and bassist for this group, said at a press conference. took off in Costa Rica since 2013.

with a song called Inevitablewhich is part of his new album ECHOESwhich will go on sale this spring, Camilo Séptimo will perform at Vive Latino 2022 this Saturday at the Indian Stage, at 6:30 p.m.

According to group members, Inevitable deals with the complexity of love separations, especially when they must occur due to the emotional toxicity in which they are immersed. Love has always been a recurring theme in the songs of the group.

“We have evolved in sounds, textures, lyrics and compositions”, observes Manuel Mendoza. “However, we have not left our essence behind. With this new single we realized that we could explore another type of musical texture, a little more pop”, he adds.

Inevitable it is an invitation to nostalgia for the past. Its synth pop rhythms and an undeniable electronic essence refer to the eighties music that so much refuses to go away. The guitar riffs are light, but present.

Camilo Séptimo is one of the most popular alternative rock bands in Mexico. They have more than a million listeners on digital platforms and their songs amount to 10 million reproductions.