Vive Latino 2022: María Elena Ríos, saxophonist attacked with acid, played with the Maldita Vecindad

Saxophonist María Elena Ríos, who was attacked with acid in 2019, participated with La Maldita Vecindad in Vive Latino 2022 (Video: Twitter/@mafaldita3)

The saxophonist María Elena Ríos, who was attacked with acid in 2019, shared the stage with the group Maldita Vecindad during the closing of the first day of the Live Latin Festival 2022, which is taking place at the Foro Sol in Mexico City. During the first minutes of this March 20, the Mexican band began its performance before a stage with more than 80 thousand people.

Precisely, One of the most pleasant surprises for the public was seeing and hearing the Mixtec saxophonist accompany the Mexican band that fuses rhythms such as rock, ska, reggae and reggae influences of Mexican music such as danzón and bolero. Through social networks, some clips in which María Elena captivated the public.

Although so far the saxophonist has not spoken about her experience of participating with the Maldita Vecindad and the Children of the Fifth Patioshe has used her official Twitter account to share all the videos and photos taken by the attendees during her presentation and some took the opportunity to congratulate her for her participation in the Indian stage.

The saxophonist shared the stage with the Mexican group and performed songs like "Solin", "Kumbala" and "Calahua" (Photo: Twitter)
The saxophonist shared the stage with the Mexican group and performed songs like “Solín”, “Kumbala” and “Calahua” (Photo: Twitter)

“Grande María Elena Ríos”, “Woman in one piece”, “The Maldida Vecindad and Elena Ríos thing will go down in history, I am surprised at how badass the musicians are and everything they represent for Mexico”, “What a ching*ny What strength is needed to, despite the tragedies, move forward and bravely face the challenges that life throws at you?!” and “Elena Ríos, the woman to whom something terrible happened and is still an extraordinary, beautiful and very talented woman”, were some of the comments she received on social networks.

What’s more, Images alluding to the mural in Iztapalapa that the artist Pedro Peña Reyes made in honor of the Oaxacan interpreter were placed at the entrances to the forum.. It should be noted that, just last March 6, María Elena returned to the stage as a guest at the concert offered by Alejandro Robles, with the Women’s Regional Band of Women of the Florid Wind, in the Mixe region of Oaxaca.

However, This is not the first time that he has collaborated with the Maldita Vecindad, since on October 1, 2021, a new version of the song was made Chacahuain which the saxophonist participated and was dedicated to the peoples of Oaxaca and the Afro-Mexican community.

María Elena Ríos collaborated for the second time with the Maldita Vecindad (Video: Twitter/@mafaldita3)

In interview with The universal, María Elena reported that the guitarist of the band contacted her to invite her to collaborate. “They have told me that it is with great respect, with affection and to make visible what happened to me. I have complained to them about everything that has happened to me. They are very good people, very beautiful people, ”she expressed.

In June 2021, the Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca (FGEO) issued a wanted card to locate Juan Antonio Vera Hernandez, the juniorson of the former PRI deputy and gas station businessman, Juan Vera Carrizalfor being one of the alleged masterminds of the acid attack on the saxophonist Maria Elena Rios.

The Oaxacan authorities specified in the file that he is wanted by attempted femicide and reported that they offer a reward of up to one million pesos for truthful information that leads to his whereabouts and facilitates his capture. According to the local press, Vera Hernández, on the orders of her father, hired two construction workers to assault the saxophonist.


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