Vive Latino prepares a diverse and environmentally conscious edition for 2023 – El Sol de México

The guitars are already being tuned and the amplifiers modulated for the 2023 edition of the live latin festivalwhich will bring together, with a diverse sense and environmental awareness, the best of the Latin American musical proposal, the next March 18 and 19 at Foro Sol.

In a meeting with the media and with a couple of brief presentations by Sergio ArauMember of Sherry bottlethe composer Vivir Quintana and the rapper Alemán, the organizers gave the details of this festival that turns 23 and 10 in the search for International Certification ISO 20121 recognize him as a sustainable event.

The poster includes 79 musical talents of various genres, from freestyle and rock to band. Among them will be presented the Red Hot Chili PeppersCafe Tacvba, Alemán, Austin TV, Aczino, Lila Downs, Pesado and Kase O.

A world with less submission

After reflecting on cultural advances, scientists and musical aspects of the human being, as well as its impact on nature, Yordi Puig, director of the festivalreferred to the sense of sustainability What is behind this new edition of the Live latino.

“The reality is that it is very surprising how short a life we ​​have on this earth, how little we participate, how little the science and the culture. So I invite you not to take anything for granted, that everything can change. You have to imagine a future where man lives with other species, with less submission, try to see each other in the eye and less from top to bottom”.

For this reason, the art and design that accompanies the music poster was made by the plastic artist Ruben Carrazcowho moved the human presence from the face of this festival to put the nature and the animal world.

everyone has a place

Several artists who will participate in this sound festival made reference to the changes that the Live latinowhich have allowed it to position itself as the maximum platform latin american.

“When the Live latino there was not even a festival of this type. So for us and for many colleagues it has been a platform to make ourselves known. There have been ups and downs in the scene of rock Sometimes it’s in style and sometimes it’s not.

“But it has also moved a lot in terms of styles. Yes, there have been times when the public of the It lives He was aggressive with musical genres that they did not feel were part of the festival, but an incredible opening has also been achieved, which is the most important thing”, commented Josélo, from Cafe Tacvba, when referring to his experience in the different editions in which he has participated.

for his part Live Quintanaauthor of the emblematic Song without fear, which became a hymn of the Feminist movement in Mexicospoke about the value of having been invited to participate for the first time in the Live latino.

“It is very important that songs by protest and different songs are in these festivals, because we make our speech and the message. Vive Latino is a great opportunity to talk about other types of love and this community that I look for with my work team”.

on this topic too pondered Leonardo de Lozanne, vocalist of Phobia, who presents a new solo project at this festival. “Vive Latino was born as a universal event that not only exposed music but culture in general; while on the other hand it reflects the national identity. This has made it a much richer experience in all art forms. The festivals they have evolved, before they were pure rock and now new genres have been included. This has made us more open and more tolerant… that we can to enjoy more.

More than just music

During the days of the festival, La Aldea Musical was programmed, a series of talks dedicated to those interested in the music industry with artists Y expertsamong which Austin TV stands out, who will speak from the professional field what it means to return to the music; Denisse Gutierrez from Hello Seahorse, that will deal with the subject of mental health; as well as Jonás, guitarist of mosh plasticineand Pliego, Kinky’s bassist, who will give their master classes.

As is tradition, the Vive Wrestling Championship will be held, where Mr. Vive Latino, Darkness Jr.. with alushePrometheus, Scoria and several more.

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For seven years, comedy has earned a place in this meeting, which is why the Comedy Housewith the humor of Iván Mendoza, Jero Freixas, Mónica Escobedo, Isabel Fernández, Nacho Redondo, Paty Bacelis, and Release the Dogs.

It will also enable Parkwhere a more familiar atmosphere will be enjoyed, the fans will be able to rest and the children will be able to play, while they live with some artists, they hold workshops and even contests “air guitar”.