Viviana Canosa thrashed Alberto Fernández with a withering definition: “He works hard every day to…”

Viviana Canosa left sharp concepts about the current situation in the country and the last stretch of Alberto Fernández’s mandate. True to her style, the host did not mince words when it came to defining the main leaders of political power, both the ruling party and the opposition.

At Polino Auténtico (Radio Miter), among other things Viviana Canosa He also referred to his controversial departure from A24. “There I went in a different way, that was different because I had been having the same difficulties with the same characters. And one day I say to them: ‘Guys, I don’t think you can tell me that I can’t do this.’ That day it was: ‘Not this, not this, not this…’. There were several things that were not. And I tell him: ‘Look, if everything gets complicated I’m leaving because I need to work calmly and freely, which was what we had discussed and until that day it had been like that. And it was like I let go. But I went well. Later, in fact, the owner of the channel called me, thanked me. And I thanked him until that moment for everything that had happened”, clarified the driver.